Eurovision 2016: Malta | National Final PartIcipants

eurovision 2016 malta

Tonight during Xarabank, the twenty songs taking part in the Maltese National Final for 2016 was announced.

Former Eurovision Song Contest participant for Malta, Ira Losco is back with two songs – “Chameleon (Invincible)” and “That’s Why I Love You”.

National Finalists from last year also return. Deborah C, Christabelle Borg, Franklin Calleja and Daniel Testa return with “All Around The World”, “Kingdom”, “Little Love” and “Under The Sun” respectively.

The remaining artists and songs are as follows:

  1. Jasmine Abela “Alive”
  2. Domenique Azzopardi “Empty Hearted”
  3. Corazon “Falling Glass”
  4. Raquel Galdes “Flashing Lights”
  5. Danica Muscat “Frontline”
  6. Brooke “Golden”
  7. Dario Mifsud Bonnici “I Love You”
  8. Stefan Galea “Light Up My Life”
  9. Kimberley Cortis “Lighthouse”
  10. Sarah Crystal “Right Here With You”
  11. Jessika “The Flame”
  12. Maxine Pace “Young Love”  
  13. Laurence Gray “You’re Beautiful”

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