Eurovision 2016: Ukraine | National Final In February

eurovision 2016 ukraine

Ukraine will be selecting their Eurovision 2016 in February 2016 with the selection crossing Ukraine in search of their participant.

The first stage will be held from 19.11.2015 till 15.01.2016 and it presupposes submiting the applications, preliminary auditions in 6 biggest cities of Ukraine and selecting (20-40) winners who continue to compete in the next stages.

The second stage will be held in February 2016. It’s gonna be a semifinal of  the National Selection that will take place in Kyiv. It comprises 3 or 4 rounds. One winner of the first stage can participate in one of the rounds of the second stage. 7-8 participants will compete in each round. The winners of the second stage are chosen by the jury and viewers. As a result of the semifinals 8-12 finalists are chosen: 2-3 from each round. The semifinal of the NationalSelection will be broadcast live on UA Pershyi and STB Channel.

The third stage will be held in February, 2016. It’s a Final of the National Selection where only the finalists chosen as a result of the previous stage are allowed to take part. The winner of the National Final is selected as a result of mixed voting: jury and viewers and is announced during the live broadcasting.

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