Malta wins Junior Eurovision 2015


Destiny has won the 13th Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Malta tonight in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Destiny won over Europe with her energetic anthem “Not My Soul”, her victory means that Malta has now won Junior Eurovision two times and signals the nations dominance in the contest. Destiny won the Maltese Junior Eurovision selection in July, with her song for the contest being presented at the end of October.

Destiny has been called the mini Arethra Franklin throughout Junior Eurovision week and it is this voice that won Europe over tonight. Destiny has competed in a number of song contests and festivals before taking part in Junior Eurovision including the famous SanRemo Junior contest in Italy. Destiny is the daughter of the famous Nigerian footballer Ndubisi Chukunyere.

A total of 17 countries competed in this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Sofia, Bulgaria the second largest contest held in the 13 years that Junior Eurovision has been held. Unlike Eurovision, the winner of the contest does not automatically host next year but they will get first refusal.

Check back shortly as we will be live blogging the winners press conference.

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