Eurovision 2016 : Australia | Participation Confirmed


In what was one of the worst kept secrets of Eurovision 2016, the EBU has confirmed that Australia will be participating in the 61st Eurovision Song Contest.

Australia will be competing in the contest for a second time after they debuted in 2015. When Australia was announced as debuting in January the participation was described as a one off celebration of the contests 60th birthday and that if they didn’t win Australia would not participate again. In Vienna, Australia was guaranteed a spot in the final.

Next year, Australia will have to compete in one of the two Semi-Finals. Whether Australia will be allowed to participate in the long term has yet to be decided.

Jon Ola Sand also paved the way for future expansion of the contest further outside of the European Broadcasting Area by adding that:

We strongly believe the Eurovision Song Contest has the potential to evolve organically into a truly global event. Australia’s continued participation is an exciting step in that direction. It remains to be seen what such an event may look like in the long run.

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