Eurovision 2016 : Czech Republic | Jan Bors New Head Of Delegation

eurovision 2016 czech republic

Jan Bors has this afternoon been announced as the new Head of Delegation for the Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Jan has worked at Ceska Televize on a number of TV series including the Czech version of Dancing With The Stars and Game Page. Jan released an official letter to the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest exclusively to the Czech website The letter reads:

Dear fans of Eurovision,

My name is Jan Bors, I am 29 years old, I studied marketing communication and am currently in its third year as head dramaturge at the heart of making fun of the Czech Television. I am here and I was responsible for a wide range of programs from the charity Help the Children, posh Cen memory of the nation, or the prestigious Czech Lions. Of course, above it all rises the titanium in the form of an amazing project StarDance. I have the honor to lead this phenomenal show for the second year and it should be noted that this industry is currently a better mark.

Up to Eurovision, after all, represent the Czech Republic and go on a limb in front of 200 million viewers across the globe is the greatest challenge. For this occasion, I would like to thank John conniving, who gave me the offer to lead the Czech delegation at Eurovision Song Contest 2016, which is an offer you can not refuse. I regard it as one of the most prestigious thing that ever could have in the context of television projects and making it globally. It is much appreciated because such honor a man just so vain and certainly not at my age.

When you say Eurovision, I imagine immediately a tremendous show, a lot of effort and a lot of fun. At the same time I imagine how this year in Sweden for up to deal with it the rest of the country and what they bet. Year 2015 was for the most part a perfect vocal performances and great ideas, and I expect the same quality this year. Of course each country is very hard to find “The” song “That ‘singer or a female singer and the whole thing wrapped up a magnificent performances, because I enjoy the competition and with such a great tradition, constantly evolving forward.

My desire is to build on the work of last year’s team, once again presents the world of competitive song. Our success in Austria, and I consider it a great success, it will be hard to repeat, let alone overcome, but I firmly believe that it is not impossible. While it’s a bit of a commitment. Nevertheless, I hope that once again we will take viewers around the world and still need to move a step higher. Of course in tough competition so amazing singers will not be easy.

Last year showed how important factor is choosing the right song and the right personality.In this respect, last year’s model has proven to be a key selection of music and therefore we plan to do the same. Currently we report authors send their music and songs, for which we thank and appreciate the fact that in our country, although this would not have ever seem Eurovision Song Contest has its weight. Now I just hope that they will choose the best and go to Sweden with the fact that we have a chance to succeed.

We wish Jan Bors all the best in his new role as the Czech Head of Delegation.

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