Eurovision 2016 : Hungary | A Dal Submissions Now Open


Hungary has made a call for submissions for Eurovision 2016.

Songs can now be submitted into A Dal 2016 up until November 25, after which a jury will select a total of 30 songs to go through to the semi final stages of the selection. The rules for the selections are as follows:

  1. The compositions (lyrics and music) must not have been commercially released and performed in public, and must not have appeared on any media platform (TV, radio, online) before 1 September 2015.
  2. The maximum duration of each song is three minutes. Any song which is longer may be disqualified by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union).
  3. Only such artists’ submissions are accepted who have previously released a music album or had national radio airplay and/or television appearances, and who have a valid contract with a record company and/or with a professional management.
  4. All artists competing on stage must be aged at least 16 on the day of the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, i.e. 10 May 2016.
  5. Performers of the songs have to be Hungarian citizens or have to speak Hungarian as their native language.
  6. Artists against whom criminal procedures are initiated or already conducted before the semi-finals in Stockholm, or whose behaviour proved to cause a public scandal may be disqualified in any phase of the contest.
  7. The applicants acknowledge and agree that the Hungarian National Final (A DAL) is a competition of songs and not of performers. Therefore DUNA has the right to decide upon the performer of a song, if necessary.
  8. Songs submitted to A DAL 2016 should preferably be written in Hungarian language. However, the contestants may enter their songs in English and/or in any language of officially recognised national and ethnic minorities living in Hungary as well but then the Hungarian translation of the lyrics has to be provided in any case. DUNA has the right to decide upon the language in which the winning song of A DAL 2016 is submitted for the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.
  9. Composers who are foreign citizens and whose native language is not Hungarian may only enter the contest if their song is recorded with an artist who complies with the provisions of the call (please pay special attention to the sections 3,4,5,6!).
  10. No artist may compete for more than one country in the ESC in the given year.
  11. The lyrics and performance of the songs shall not bring A DAL and the Eurovision Song Contest into disrepute. No lyrics, speeches, gestures of a political nature or hate speech shall be allowed during the ESC. No swearing or other obscene language shall be allowed.
  12. Each performance may consist of a maximum of six people on stage. No live animals shall be allowed on stage.
  13. The songs must be performed on stage in half-playback which means that all vocals are sung live, accompanied by a recorded backing track. The use of instruments on stage is allowed but only as props and not played live.
  14. Applicants who gained admission to the live shows of A DAL 2016 undertake to participate without receiving an extra fee in up to two events organised or promoted by MTVA until 31 December 2016.
  15. The artists who made it into the televised shows of A DAL 2016 undertake to produce an acoustic version of their song in a studio provided by the broadcasting organization and take part in the online Acoustic Song Contest. The artists give permission for the free of charge linear and on-demand use of the acoustic versions on public service media platforms in a separate agreement.
  16. The winner of A DAL 2016, Hungary’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest and their team undertake to dedicate exclusive attention to the participation in the contest in the time period between the national final and the grand final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest and will do their best in order to reach the highest possible result, including the compliance with all the deadlines set by DUNA and the EBU and the compulsory participation in promotional events related to the Eurovision Song Contest. All participants of the stage performance undertake to stay in Stockholm during the time period determined by DUNA in 2016. Furthermore, the winning artist of A DAL 2016 undertakes to perform without fee at up to five events organised or promoted by MTVA until 31 December 2016.
  17. It is compulsory to sign a licence agreement with the EBU/DUNA related to the song’s performance and publishing rights.
  18. The artists and composers agree with the above terms and conditions and declare that no other contract or agreement prohibits them to cooperate with DUNA. Furthermore, they acknowledge that the breach of any of the provisions of the call may result in disqualification.

Submissions must be sent to the following address between November 23 and November 25:

H-1037 Budapest, Kunigunda útja 64

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