Eurovision 2016 : Belarus | On Belarusian Language Songs For 2016

junior eurovision 2015 belarus

The Head of the Belarussian broadcaster BTRC has said that for Eurovision 2016, the channel will be looking for a Belarussian language song.

Belarus has never sent a song to the Eurovision Song Contest in Belarusian in the 12 years that they have participated. All of the entries that Belarus has sent to the Eurovision Song Contest have been performed in English, which has been viewed as the best chance for non-English speaking countries to qualify for a final.

Gennady Davydko the Head of BTRC told that:

We intend to look at next years song in the Belarusian language. We do not exclude that the performers can offer songs in English, Russian, French although even Hindi, but preference will be given to the songs in the Belarusian language.

Evgeny Perlin the commentator for the contest in Belarus added:

Perhaps it’s long overdue send a Belarusian-language song, you need to try for sure, we have a very beautiful and melodious language!

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