Eurovision 2016 : Sweden | SVT Want To Move Eurovision Start To 20:00 CET

Eurovision 2016 Sweden Mans Zelmerlow 1

SVT are proposing that the start of the Eurovision Song Contest to be moved to 20:00 CET an hour earlier than the traditional time slot.

According to DN in Sweden the host broadcaster of next years competition is approaching the EBU with the idea of moving the contest to an earlier start time. SVT argues that by bringing the contest start forward by one hour more younger viewers will be able to watch the contest in countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia where the show normally starts at 23:00 or 00:00.

Martin Österdahl the Executive Producer of the contest said that:

Especially in all the new countries that have come to Eurovision in recent years after the Soviet bloc where it is extremely late at night when these broadcasts begin pulling its end. Then it will be difficult for the children to stay awake. If this will grow over time and continue to be the world’s largest TV broadcasting in the next 50 years we must have a similar development as in Sweden: the Eurovision goes down the ages.

He also announced to that the budget for the 2016 contest will be lower than that of recent years, the maximum budget of the show is 125 million SEK (13.3 million Euro). The cost of the competition he said will not impact on SVT as the cost will be spread over a number of years.

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