Eurovision 2016 : Deadline 15 September

eurovision 2016 sweden stockolm

Last day to register for the Eurovision in Stockholm on 15 september, we hear from the EBU.
The tv companies who do it but then repents for one reason or another get awaywithout any penalty until 10 October.


For the fact is that usually, a lot of sign up but then pulls out. In order to avoidadditional costs such a decision must therefore be made no later than 10/10.Currently have around 20 countries definitely signed up for ESC 2016 in Sweden. Aswe have said many times before, is 43 Nations mostly a Eurovision have contained, aswas the case in both 2008 in Belgrade and 2011 in Düsseldorf.


The number of participants the last ten years
2015 Vienna 40
2014 Copenhagen 37
2013 Malmö 39
2012 Baku 42
2011 Dusseldorf 43
2010 Oslo 39
2009 Moscow 42
2008 Belgrade 43
2007 Helsinki 42
2006 Athens 37
2005 Kiev 39

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