Eurovision 2016 Would you like to Aliki Chrysochou in Eurovision?

Aliki-Chrysochou Eurovision

Why the history of scattered emotion jurors and audiences:

The Cypriot Chrysochou Aliki was the one that stole the impressions in the episode of the reality Britain Got Talent. Interpreting the song, Evanescence’s, Bring Me To Life managed to amaze the judges and audience with the stunning voice. The same as the end of interpreting said it is blessed standing on stage that night. “A few years ago I was diagnosed with encephalitis. I had learned as a child I had lost from memory. I could not speak, read, write to walk. My mother made them all. In Taiz, made bathroom. It was my voice when I could not speak. When I was in hospital I began to sing one night and it was the first time I started humming react – after too long. All were over 10 days. I could not write, to walk, to read. After the song became my whole life. ” Alice got very positive comments and for choosing the song that has the verse “Bring Me To Life” (Bring me back to life) while the judge Amanda Holden said: “I can not imagine what your mother thinks. Words are very sad – the song was for your mother. “The Simon Cowell, the strict judge relented and he telling her” I do not want to leave. There is something very touching. Listening to your story, you all want to do well. This is the easiest yes I said ever contestant to pass to the next phase. “This will tell the soul power, Aliki Bravo! 


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