Eurovision 2016 : Sweden | No Melodifestivalen – But perhaps in 2016

Eurovision 2016 Sweden

There will be no Melodifestival for Södertälje this time either, but Marcus Haavisto hope this event ports 2016.

The letter z is in Södertälje also, but what more than it has Östersund, Sweden, Malmo and Gothenburg Södertälje has not. The towns and cities, along with Helsingborg and Stockholm attended namely of song festival, votes for 2015 during the winter.

  • Axa Sports Center is greater than the arenas in Orebro and Östersund. When we applied 2012 we counted with max of 6 300 visitors and the number of fit easily here, says Marcus Haavisto.

In 2012 he drove on to get here song festival, votes for 2013 and the municipality did an application. But that is not enough. Now is Marcus committed in the newly established Realistpartiet which has been given a mandate to municipal councils.

  • As politicians we can now pursue the matter seriously and must now people listen to us more, says politician Marcus Haavisto.

Head of song festival, votes for Christel Tholse Willers writes in a press release that Östersund and Helsingborg is two places where song festival, votes for new entrants will be arranged.

  • We are pleased to announce the launch of two new cities by 2015. To go on the road means that the audience has the opportunity to experience a large TV broadcast on site and a unique opportunity for SVT and song festival, votes for to meet more of our viewers, says Christel Tholse Willers in the press release.

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