Christer Bjorkman on Eurovision 2016 in Sweden: it is happening now.

sweden 2016


Cities and stadiums already takes now forward their proposals on arrangements of Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The SVT-editors are pending at the same time work to appoint a so-called core team with those responsible for the different parts of the project. And to design stage for next year’s competition.

Bidding between cities
Christer Bjorkman, Sweden’s head of delegation in Vienna, was showproducent last Eurovision Song Contest organised in Sweden. Now he has a clear picture of the process for the next year’s competition.

– There will be a bid, and the process has already started. Since we were favorites, we had to say to the cities that, if we win, be prepared to be contacted by us the week after and then anchored an application at any of the stages, he says.

Now he think that SVT will be able to tell what city to arrange the competition in the middle of the summer.

– Now, when we have won, we will call back to all and tell us what we must have. Then cities three weeks to come up with a proposal. After the features of their proposals, and then we will evaluate and take a decision, he says.

Rice and ros to Austria
Head summary of their stay in Vienna, as expected in dur.

– We have had askul and a great team spirit which. And we have had three fantastic delegation hosts who has lived up to more than all expectations,” says Christer Bjorkman.

But all has not been positive. In the case of television company ORF has the head of delegation both rice and ros.

– Institutionally, ORF has been amazingly good. Everything has worked and they have helped us to get through what we want to, so I cannot say that we have had a few problems at all.

– Then I have a great many views on the programs themselves. Where I think that the execution is poor, it is not detected as a modern TV broadcast. But the way, it may not be such a day.

Already aligned on the task
now is Christer Bjorkman in the same seat as three years ago. When Sweden had just won Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. But this time he sees the situation differently.

There is a huge difference. Then it was such a relief after the five years of dark results which we have just before had gone through. I am so clear as-happy now also, but it is a fact and is quickly over into concrete action. I have already moved the focus from victory to the next job on a fairly simple way.

– Last time, when I was in Baku day after I had no idea what we would do. I thought still to Eurovision was just a larger song festival, votes for. It is something completely different.

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