: This is the participation of Poland in Vienna!

dqaxsThere was some time before Poland’s participation in this year’s Eurovision song contest in Vienna. The “unveiling” of Polish music proposal for the organization of 2015 were made during the popular talk show Świat Się Kręci, which broadcast daily at 19.30 pm from the public broadcaster country TVP1 presenters with their Maciek Kurzajewski and Agata Młynarska. As expected, from today’s program, he could certainly be missed and a special tribute to the contest of Eurovision.

According to an announcement late last year, the makers of the public broadcaster of Poland, TVP, had confirmed the country’s participation in Eurovision 2015, and the fact that the choice was to take place inside the channel itself, ie the method of direct award, just as it was in 2014. At this point, it is worth recalling that, after a streak of failed attempts to qualify Poland in recent years in the final of Eurovision and a two-year absence from the scene of the pan song festival, the country returned to the Eurovision Song Contest last year, managing to finally get the coveted ticket to the final night, they ranked 14th, with Donatan & Cleo and piece My Słowianie – We are Slavic.

So in the 60th Eurovision in Vienna, will travel to Monika Kuszyńska with the song In the name of love. To wish you success in Poland, which has been drawn to appear in the second semifinal, Thursday, May 21.

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