: See the official video clip in Spain!

Eurovision 2015 Spain

After the presentation of this year’s participation of Spain in the 60th contest of Eurovision, Sunday, March 1, today released the official video clip of the song.

The country’s public broadcaster, TVE, fled this year in the process of direct award for its representation, choosing to send in Vienna on Edurne with Amanecer song. Creators and producers of the song is the Tony Sanchez Ohlsson, composer of Spanish holdings in 2007 and 2012, and the “legendary” Swedish duo Thomas G: son and Peter Bostrom, composer of the winning song Euphoria Sweden 2012. Edurne will interpret the song entirely in Spanish.

In the video clip, the Edurne appears as a warrior from ancient Greek mythology. The clip was filmed in Valencia and the creation were used and special 3D effects, and directed by signing the German De La Hoz and David Arnal.


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