: Tonight chooses Romania!

Romania 2015 Eurovision |

12 songs that resulted from internal selection process after the crisis the Panel, will compete tonight to win one of these coveted ticket for the 60th Eurovision will take place next May in Vienna.

Romania’s final, called Selectia Nationala 2015, will begin tonight at 19:30 CET and will become the city Craiova, being Sala Polivalentă. Presenters for the evening will be the Alina Serban and Andrei Boroşovici, in cooperation from the green room with Ioana Voicu and Florina Ghenescu. The final result will come from a combination score public and jury in equivalent posssto 50-50%, while in case of a tie in the first position of two or more songs will win what predominates to the Committee.

The list of 12 entries on the basis of their appearance in the Final Series is as follows:

01 | Voltaj – De la capăt 
02 | Băieţii – Dragoste în lanţuri
03 | Tudor Turcu – Save Us
04 | Aurelian Temişan feat. Alexa – Chica Latina
05 | Rodica Aculova – My Light 
06 | Blue Noise – Love Will not Run Away 
07 | Ovidiu Anton – Still Alive 
08 | Lara Lee – Superman 
09 | Super Trooper – Secret Place 
10 | Luminiţa Anghel – A Million Stars 
11 | Cristina Vasiu – Nowhere 
12 | CEJ – We Were in Love 

How to Watch :

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