: Portugal Selects song tonight!


They left a few hours before the end of the 51st Festival da Canção that will highlight this year’s representative of Portugal in the Eurovision. The semi-finals Tuesday and Thursday highlighted the six songs that will compete tonight for the coveted ticket Vienna. The candidate in order of appearance are :

Leonor Andrade – Há um mar que nos separa
Yola Dinis – Outra vez primavera
Gonçalo Tavares – Tu tens uma mágica
Teresa Radamanto – Um fado em Viena
Simone de Oliveira – À espera das canções
José Freitas – Mal menor 
The winning song will emerge from the vote of the public, without the presence of the committee used the semifinals. The evening’s presenters Júlio Isidro and Catalina Furtado will make a special tribute to Zé da Ponte, known composer friends of Eurovision and the Festival da Canção (1986: Não sejas mau para mim, 1991: Lusitana paixão and 2005: Amar) that left life at age 60, just two months ago.

Portugal is one of the countries that have atychisei see prize or very high rank, since 1964 involved until today. However, the good performance we can mention the sixth position O meu coração não tem cor (1996) with the singer Lucia Moniz, which garnered two 12  and the second position in the second semifinal of 2008 for Senhora do mar the Vânia Fernandes with both also 12 .

How to Watch :

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