Eurovision 2015 : Meet the candidates of the Greek final!

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The website of our recommends candidates of Greek final. Details of their careers and a few words from the same:

  • Thomai Apergis & Legend from Panik Records



The Thomai strike is a special artist’s potential PANIK Records!

A girl with a Mediterranean flair that every step enchants .. The charming Thomai Apergi hails from the island of Tinos. The singer, graduated philology at the University of Patras, studied by small music alongside classical and electric guitar and voice, thus creating its own unique artistic personality.

The particular voice and influence in the music made her turn to exploring the smooth jazz, dance bossa nova, downtempo electronica, funk, soul, jazz music and interpret songs that inspire a sensual rocking to those who attend the last years accompanied by a saxophone and a piano. Spicy touch to the interpretation, the nights spent singing manouche and gypsy swing, the Night & Day. The surprising interpretations of, with songs Tsitsani Claus and Manolis Chiotis like the classic “seashore Deilina” and “Kouloura” but also songs that have interpreted the great ladies of the Greek discography, Marinella, Dimitra Galani, Alcestis Cantor, give the Thomai Apergi an identity true artist, with talent and a great musical range.

The Thomai Apergi growing on the Aegean island of Tinos, could not but be affected by the winds, complicated and complex, with changes in breath but stable artistic tension, inspires composers who entrusted their music without falls to a single genre. It has the classic jazz as a source of inspiration and at every step adjusts the need for uniqueness so each song is the vehicle for a new journey in the notes, melodic and interpretations.

Maturing internally and artistic but also the experience of three years in the music industry, the Thomai strikes are now ready to seduce Europe as we have not seen before!

  • Maria-Eleni Kyriacou by Minos EMI – Universal



“The institution of Eurovision for me is a life dream. The fact that I’m a few steps before realizing this goal, I create feelings of emotion and ultimate joy. I am very proud and I am honored to be given the chance to represent Greece, my second home, “said exclusively on Mad Maria Elena Kyriacou.

H Maria Elena Kyriacou was born in Cyprus on 11 January 1984. She is the mother of three children and keep Larnaca its own tutorial. At the age of 12 years won the first prize in the Pancyprian Song Contest “Child ’96”. The following year participates in spectacular rock musicals in “Pygmalion” by Stavros Sideras with renowned artists from America. To 2006 gets his degree in Greek Literature and is involved in teaching literary mathimaton.To 2005 participates as solistria disk Stelios Pissis “Kastalias and Sirens” and concerts in which they sang and well known artists such as Antonis Vardis, Antonis Remos, Alkinoos Ioannidis Melina Aslanidou.To May 2014 comes out victorious in the musical game show of Ant1 The Voice of Greece with mentor Despina Vandi. Signs a contract with Minos Emi and in July 2014 released his first solo album “Two angels on earth.” In signing this remarkable composer Dimitris Kontopoulos with the song “Two egos” in verse Vaya KALANTZI and Efthyvoulou Theocharous the “You leave time” in verse Constanti Hanioti. In this covers include the “Two angels on earth” song “Un Angelo Disteso al sole” of Eros Ramazotti with Greek lyrics Rebecca Rousseau and “That Night” of Living R. is also the face of large multinational cosmetics company in Sweden “Oriflame”. Last July presents for the first time the title track of the disc of the Mad Walk Cyprus participates in the great feast of Christmas Super Fm with artistic director George Theofanous and the musical “Whatever it will be saved.” Candidate in prizes Madame Figaro as the best performer of the year 2014. Currently, Maria Elena Kyriacou singing in various concerts, charity events and music theater performances in Cyprus and Greece.

  • Barrice from Spicy Music



The Barrice born one cold December on the planet Earth, in one of the coldest countries in the world, Russia. He grew up next to a music and his mother was a professor of music theory and piano.

Strange is that I never learned nothing from both. Migrating with their family in Greece became part of the urban scene that was developing in the neighborhoods of Athens and began experimenting with beats, while playing as a deejay ensuring the necessary pocket money, which -like every teenager who respects himself- ate the another day. Passing sto Marketing & Communication department at the Economic University of Athens decided to concentrate on music production, composition and lyrics, while he made his first steps in the song, starting collaborations with reggae & rock bands, edging style at club nights & concerts.
Absorbing like a sponge the knowledge of anything which grapples managed to open his own recording and rehearsal studio and finally write his first song for an artist – which, as he imagined himself – would keep away from the mundane sound of Pop scene, combining soul, the rock, the hip hop and electronica. Somewhat thus was born the solo project, Barrice his first song “Take it Swinney here”
This period after the award of Amita Motion, choosing from Vegas for his participation in concerts and the first clip, located in Studi preparing his first official single this time as well as a number of special adaptations and videos for the growing audience.

  • C Real by Feelgood



“It’s our first time given this opportunity and we are very excited. I feel that is the most appropriate time for such a step. We can not reveal even more about the song. But surely you will hear something very strong and full of surprises, “said exclusively on Mad by C: Real.

The C: REAL released their first song “Visions Of You” (feat. Sarah Jane Morris) in 1997 and since then they have to their credit 6 albums and numerous timeless hits such as “I would expect”, “the biggest I love you “” Dangerous In I “,” me Every Thought “,” Stop Killing Time “,” With Or Without You “,” If you are “,” Sleepless Nights “(feat. Oceana) and many others, are not stable value to the Greek pop & rock scene.
Over these years the band has amassed dozens awards in Greece and abroad and has given hundreds of concerts not only in Greece but also … in Malaysia, Thailand and most recently in Lebanon. The singles of C: Real released in over 30 countries!

The new composition of C: Real is a 5-member:
Takis Damaschis (Composition-Production Guitars, Rrogramming)
Alex Bountros (Guitar)
Christos Ventouras (Keys)
Alexis Gavras (Drums)
and their new singer Joe Lazopoulou that made debut in the “Thousand Secrets”

  • Shaya from Planetworks



Everything started from the TV show “POP STARS” and the band of Hi5 …
After two albums and 3 singles with the most successful girl’s groups in recent years, in 2008 Shaya follow solo career and “care” from then gives us continuously only successes, working with the best and with enough Awards …

– Collaborates with Stavento in “Before I met you (Abuse)”. Awarded as the “Best Hip-Hop Song” at MAD VMA (Video Music Awards).
– Performed with Kostas Martakis song of the movie of Disney “High School Musical 3”, “Small Gods (Right Here Right Now)”.

– The next decisive step to success was his collaboration with Mark F. Angelo in the song “Far From Everything”. It was the official song of Mad Video Music Awards.
– In September, a new club Remix by Belgian Emanuel Kosh, ejects the song almost No.1 Airplay Greece!
– In December released her first solo single, entitled «In Your Eyes” and enters the TOP30 of Airplay Chart.

– Released debut album entitled «Resurrection».
– Within a few months, the Shaya is the ultimate POP and Fashion Icon with interviews and photo shoots in the most important fashion magazines and lifestyle!
– In June 2011, participating once again in MAD VMA, received exceptional reviews!
– In summer, do along with Mark F. Angelo a very successful tour across Greece. The culmination of, their appearance before David Guetta in Montenegro.
– In the same year, earning the prize MTV BEST GREEK ACT at EMAs made in Belfast.

– In June cooperate with Housetwins and Slickbeats in summer song Carroten. To video clip was over 1.500.000 views on You Tube!

– Available successfully her new solo single called “Love Me”.
– Collaborates with Dino mfu the “I’m In Love”, and the BO in the “Summer Heart”, with hundreds of thousands of views on You Tube!

– Collaborates again with Dino mfu the single “I Wonder”, and the Zero of Vegas in a solo RnB single.
– There was a significant participation in the Musical “Priscilla”, as one of the Divas.
– In August he started recording his new album.

– Appears successfully with Notis Sfakianakis and Peggy Zina at “Coal gas.”
– The SHAYA, in collaboration with the record company Planetworks, participates in the Greek final of Eurovision 2015, with a song that wrote itself together with Scandinavian REIL BROS.

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