Euronision 2015 : Australia will participate in the competition in 2015


The news surprised the year: Australia in the contest of Eurovision! For many, the announcement of the EBU was expected since the last year’s competition, the distant continent was responsible for the interval act!

Australia will have the right to participate in the final and will be able to vote and two semifinals. Participation of raising the number of participating countries this year to 40. According to the EBU Australia will only participate this year unless they win, so the SBS channel will co-host the contest with some other European country. The reason why Australia will participate directly in the final is that the EBU does not want to reduce the chance of qualifying to the final of a country which is already involved in the semifinals. So the number of countries the final climbs to 27, which is of course a new record for the contest!

It is characteristic that the comments of readers of majority opposed to the decision by the EBU.

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