Eurovision 2015 : Germany 10 young singers in one place in the final!


The German TV announced the 10 young artists who will compete on 19 February, the ticket to the big national final by a special evening to be held in Hamburg in Clubkonzert at 23:00 GMT with the presenter Barbara Schöneberger. The winner will exclusively chosen audience.

The choice was between 1270 videos, which raised interested in the special for this online platform, representatives of German television, private production company Brainpool, from known record labels such as Sony, the Warner and Universal, and radio stations.

The 10 artists selected were:

1. Aden
2. Alisson Bonnefoy
3. Ann Sophie
4. Ason
5. Klangpoet
6. Lars Pinkwart
7. Lou
8. Moonjos
9. Sendi Hoxha
10. Sophie

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