Eurovision 2015 : Tonight the First Semifinal Latvia!



Starts tonight national selection in Latvia by conducting the first qualifier. 10 songs will compete for four places in the semi final night. The two tracks will select a jury composed by Eve Kerēvica, Kaspars Roga member of Brainstorm band that represented the country at Eurovision 2000, Dons and Guntars Račs. The other eight songs will be made available to the viewing public, which will select two that will go in the semifinals.

Presenters of this evening, which will start at 21:20 GMT, will be Ketija Šēnberga and Toms Grēviņš. The show can watch the state television website LTV country.

The 10 innings tonight’s qualifier is:

1. Katrīna Cīrule – Bass
2. Lana Švilpe – Lions
3. Atis Ieviņš – Catfish
4. Dima Milenin feat. Kamilla – Colours of love
5. Antra Stafecka – It’s the night
6. Framest – Ziemā
7. Linda Ķaukule – Save our love
8. Minta – Nefelibata
9. Rihards Saule – Life lines
10. Elektro Folk – Dieva dēli

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