Eurovision 2015 : Eurovision Song Project final !


Two days away from the grand final of the Eurovision Song Project Sunday February 1st.With six-member jury this night will receptive us our viewers, who will do their best to make the best and most decent representation to be found in Vienna.

Everything is ready for the 6 songs that will enter the arena to claim the coveted ticket to Vienni.To RIK more than ready for a night that aspires to like, camps holding -with six aces up their sleeves and effects designed to fascinate viewers – ready to draw the public attention and the committee. Arrivals from abroad as the executive producer of the French The Voice Bruno Berberes – sounds and judge from Italy neighbor to supplement the existing committee Despina Olympiou, Dimitri Kontopoulo , Alex Panayi , Elena Patroklos and Tasos Tryphonos which resulted in 6 songs.This night can watch and viewers outside Cyprus through the RIK Sat and through the website of the government body Sunday night.

  • Deila Den Agapw – Charis Sava Nearchos Evaggelou
  • Magic – Doody 
  • One thing I should have done – Giannis Karagiannis
  • Shine – Minus One
  • Stone in a river – Hovig Demirjian
  • Without your love – Panagiotis Koufogianni

Semi-Final 1 / Semi-Final 2 :



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