Slovenia, 8 candidates for the Eurovision 2015!

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Announced amid the presentation of new programs RTVSlo, the eight candidates for the representation of Slovenia in the 60th contest of Eurovision. The Final will take place on February 14, 2015 in Ljubljana and the performer of 21 participating country will be one of the following:

1. Alya & Neno Belan

2. Clemens

3. I.C.E.

4. Jana Sustersic

5. Maraaya

6. Martina Majerle

7. Rudi Bucar

8. Tim Kores-Kori

In nine of these names stand out the big winner of the “Slovenia’s Got Talent” Jana Sustersic, as well as the experienced Martina Majerle has often found on Eurovision stage doing vocals. The Martina was also the voice that accompanied the Quartissimo in «Love Symphony» in 2009.

Slovenia participates in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1993. The best performance is the 7th place in 1995 (Darja Svajger, Prisluhni Mi) and 2001 (Nusa Derenda, Energy) while Maja Keuc with «No One» had qualified third from B semifinal of 2011, without managing something similar in the final of Dusseldorf.

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