Eurovision 2015 : Tonight Eurovision Song Project Eurochallenge 1



O 1st Semifinal (Eurochallenge 1) of Eurovision Song Project changing hour and broadcast day.
Tonight at 22.20 local time , the public will see the 20 songs that have won the ticket to the hearings. The jury is composed of six-membered and Alex Panagis, Tasos Tryphon, Elena Patroclus, Despina Olympian, Dimitris Kontopoulos (composer of many hits) and Christer Bjorkman (executive producer of the Swedish Television).
The jury and the public will no longer hear the whole tragoudia.I jury will vote to end the 10 songs that will compete in the second semifinal.

These 20 songs are:

  1. Eva Diva-Come And Fight For Freedom
  2. Aimili Charalampous-Right In
  3. Joseph Charalampous-I Wanna Dance
  4. Maria Evangelou-Still
  5. Christina Tselepou-In These Arms
  6. Valence-Scared
  7. Pieros Kezou-Said It All Before
  8. Maria & Christiana-Sailing Ships Pirates And Dragons
  9. Ioanna Protopapa-Beat Of My Heart
  10. Eleni Irakleous-Dawn
  11. Doody-Magic
  12. Nearchos Evaggelou & Charis Savva-Δειλά Δεν Αγαπώ
  13. Christos Rialas-Μείνε
  14. Minus One-Shine
  15. John Karagiannis-One Thing I Should Have Done
  16. Yuri Melikov-Victorious
  17. Apollonia-Don’t Give Up On Me
  18. Hovig-Stone In A River
  19. Pangiotis Koufogiannis-Without Your Love
  20. Kiriakos Georgiou-Shake Dat

The Eurochallenges will be broadcast on Fridays instead of the previously scheduled Sundays. Therefore, the new calendar of the Eurovision Song project in Cyprus is:

Eurochallenge 1: 16 January at 22:20 local time (21:20 CET).

Eurochallenge 2: 23 January at 22:20 local time (21:20 CET).

Grand Final: 1 February at 21:05 local time (20:05 CET).

How to Watch :

Live Webcast

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