Eurovision 2015 : Germany Eurovision 2015 final seven artists!

The German TV announced the seven artists who will take part in the national final Unser Song für Österreich for selecting the country’s representative in Eurovision 2015. The choice made special executive committee of the German television NDR, radio stations Popwellen & Young Radios ARD, the production company Brainpool Production Company and the record label Sony Music, Universal Music & Warner Music. The 8th participation resulting from special evening to be held on February 19 in Hamburg, which will compete in 10 newcomers artists and audience will give the favorite of the ticket to the final. In 2014 the band won Elaiza the corresponding process was that he represented Germany in Copenhagen beating the national final of the others big names of German music scene, participating.

In the grand final, which will be presented by Barbara Schöneberger together with Janin Reinhardt from the green room, each contestant will participate with two songs. there will be three rounds of voting. In the first round the eight artists will perform a song and the audience will choose the four best. In the second round of the 4 will perform their second song and the audience will select the two that will fight in the third round of voting for the victory and the ticket to Vienna.

Three bands, one duet and three solo artists are the septet final. Products:

1. Fahrenhaidt

2. Faun

3. Alexa Feser

4. Mrs. Greenbird

5. Andreas Kümmert

6. Laing

7. Noize Generation

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