Eurovision 2015 : Eurovision Song Project Show 2

The CBC continues tomorrow night at 9:20 in the 2nd Hearing program to showcase this year’s representative in our contest. 








Four songs were passed on to the next phase of the Eurovision Song Project. These are:

Aimili Charalambous 


Eva Diva


Maria Evaggelou


Joseph Charalambous


The next eight candidates are:

  1. In These Arms – Christina Tselepou
  2. Scared – Valence
  3. Call For Me – Joseph Charalambous
  4. Until The End Of Time – Lady Ava
  5. Said It All Before – Pieros Kezos
  6. Sailing Ships Pirates And Dragons – George Moses, Mary Moskofian, Christiana X “Iordanous
  7. Beat Of My Heart – Ioanna Protopapa


Audition Show 2 Trailer :


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