Eurovision 2015 Cyprus : More for 7 December


Premiere Sunday, December 7 will make the show «Eurovision Song Project» RIK, which will compete all candidate songs for this year’s contest of Eurovision, to be held in Vienna.

In the first episode of the show, will compete nine songs, among them two participants who came from abroad. One of the contestants is a 65 years old Cypriot from Finland, who, reportedly, is a descendant of Petrobey Mavromichali hero in Greek Revolution of 1821, which fought in Mani and had Cypriot mother. Still, another contestant comes from England, particularly in London, where he lives and a career.

In subsequent episodes, will make its appearance even a Cypriot contestant from abroad. More specifically, it comes from Melbourne, Australia. He comes from Paphos and will come to our country, solely for the purposes of the competition.

However, the jury will be quite strict, revealing what really liked them and how they feel about each song, without discriminating.

As we have already informed, the jury will be composed of Despina Olympian Elena Patroclus, Tasos Panagis Tryphon and Alex, while at the helm of the presentation will be the Andri Karantoni.

Please note that the show the ladies will be presented with impressive creations by famous designers Cypriots. Elena Patroclus will dress Rita Attali, Despina Olympian Fani Xenophon and Andri Karantoni, the Gregory Morfi.

The «Eurovision Song Project» starts on 7 December at 9:30 at night.

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