Eurovision 2015 San Marino : They are the representatives for Vienna!

At a special press conference shortly before the state channel of San Marino, SMTV, was the announcement of two names that will represent the state in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest next May in Vienna.

These are two very young artists who have participated on behalf of San Marino in the Eurovision Junior: The Michele Perniolla who went to Junior in 2013 with the song “OoO Sole Interno a Me” and finished in tenth place is the one of the two; who was born in the city Palagiano Italy and Anita Simoncini is the second representative, which participated in the Junior 2014 with Peppermints group and comes purely from San Marino. Both Michele and the Anita, is currently 15 years, but until May will become the Eurovision will have over 16 years of age, the lower age limit set by the EBU for the participation of artists in the song contest. Details for the song that will be performed and the selection process will be done shortly.


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