Eurovision 2015 Cyprus : Eurovision starts today! See exclusive photos from rehearsals at CBC.

The Mr of. Eurovision Cyprus returned from Malta, where he led the conquering our mission for our country very honorable ninth place in the Junior Eurovision and immediately took action to complete the process, made for days to be everything to perfection, in today’s the first day of hearings.

The Kleitos Klitou oversees yesterday from the morning rehearsal, the Andri Karantoni cheerful and concentrated listening carefully to the instructions, the scenery beautiful and certainly by far the CBC production of Eurovision Song Project will be fully prepared to welcome members jury and ambitious European distinction for artists.

The climate in the state channel is very good and as we mentioned authoritative sources this project, as we soon found the television audience, is a clear proof that the CBC has the experience and knowledge to make big and glitzy productions.Please note that the striking appearance of the presenter took Gregory Morfi with unique creation that gave her the KRYOLAN for the glamorous makeup and Mohawk Hair Studio, with Stephen Stylianou take care of her hairstyle.

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