Eurovision 2015 : Cyprus Favourite

20 days before the start of the live national selection and have already gone out the favorite to win and the ticket to go to Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Austria.The favorites have come out among the producers in the RIK live for tin national selection.

Among these are the children of The Voice of Greece, the X Factor and Your Song.One of the favorites is the Helena Panayi with the song “No money No Honey”.Also Aimili Charalambous was the Voice of Greece, where it reached the final candidate with the song “RIGHT IN”.Then Yuri Melikov with the song “VICTORIOUS”.Joanna Protopapas of X Factor with the song “BEAT OF MY HEART”. Additionally the favorites are the players of Your Song Christina Tselepou and Christos Rialas with the songs “IN THIS ARMS” and “MEINE” respectively.The “MEINE” in English is “stay”

Yuri and Aimili
Ioanna Protopapas
Helena Panayi
Christos Rialas
Christina Tselepou

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