Eurovision 2015 – Who leave – Who come back !

This year we started early to deal with the organization of the 60th Eurovision, a few months after the victory of Conchita Wurst on behalf of Austria and have already booked the countries that want to participate and the countries they leave. Specifically, after a year of absence returns to Cyprus and Serbia, and after 12 years of success in the competition decided to leave the Ukraine, and the reasons are purely economic, but giving a promise to return in 2016 highly refreshed. Remain faithful to their decision Monaco, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, and Turkey, the front end open for a possible departure has left Israel.













In our limeria now known as EBU does not even recognize the Neritan as an official member, and thus does not allow a second participation after the exception made ​​to the organization in 2013, but leaving open the possibility to reconsider the request of the Greek broadcaster in December. The scenarios are then open up and participate and not participate in Greece popular European competition after a long and successful history. So far things are 50-50, and have shown interest and private channels to take the broadcast of the competition, which was emphasized and demonstrated interest and Johnny Kalimeris by Alpha last year.

It is worth stressing that television will cost Greece not to participate in one of the most successful television programs in Europe, with a huge impact around the world, this is because the cost before the benefits gained from the national TV stations is much smaller if one advertisements in connection with the audience makes. Indeed the ultimate 59th contest here in Greece reached 69.5% of the audience, something outside the Neritan thanked the EBU and which make good our request for participation in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Vienna 19 and 21 May 2015 and the final on 23 Whenever it is useless to talk about the departure of Greece, and that this suits us once we bring so much revenue to the state coffers channels.

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