Eurovision 2015: Who will represent Cyprus? All names are already on CBC


Last day today to apply for participation in the local open tender, which will represent our country at Eurovision. 

According to the notice of the RIK September 5 is the deadline for those who dream of a European award and all parties running to catch the last important details. 

As we read the long list (20 pages) of the official channel with the terms and conditions of the competition, participants must send the recorded track, music and vocals on a separate disc or electronic format mp3, sheet music and elements of the six (or fewer) persons entitled to appear on stage, certified by the competent authorities. 

Already some names of artists who will take part were informally known, but we can not reveal them until the deadline for submission of entries. But such information is not excluded that the possibility of the extension of time to RIK deadline, something that rests solely with the public broadcaster. 

“Right to Dream” was the slogan of the trailer that aired the CBC seems like there are many people who want to try their luck, claiming a single European ticket, which will make their dream a reality! 

Feels causes the mode to be held throughout the project, which goes beyond the standards held RIK in previous years. This year’s selection process of the song that will represent us something reminiscent of the Swedish Melodyfestivalen, something with which we will deal in more detail in another report. 

So waiting until the announcement of responsible TV channel and just notified that the deadline for submissions has officially expired, we will disclose this waiting anxiously Cypriot eurofans! The names of the artists who will look at the scene! 

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